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I first met Sharon in 1983 while she was working as a legal assistant and studying for her law degree.  Over the years she helped me with various family issues and problems as well as setting up my Will, Trust, Powers of Attorney, etc.

Upon the retirement of my business partner, she assisted with the purchase of his shares in the company as well as connecting me with the bank to finance the purchase. 

Over the years Sharon has acted as both my personal attorney as well as my corporate attorney. n  She also acted as my legal council for the purchase of various investment properties, both residential and commercial.

To this day I consider Sharon Banks a very close friend as well as my attorney.

Jim (Batavia, IL)


Dear Sharon:

When I heard that you were planning a website, Therese and I immediately wanted to contribute to  it.

For the last 20 years you have been our chief retirement counselor. The many things that have come up, some expected and some very unexpected, some good news and some not so good, no matter what the situation has been you have always been available to us and provided us with good legal advice and some good common sense.

We just cannot thank you enough for the good counsel you have been to both Therese and me. When I think back, the range of the counsel has been from wills, trusts, real estate matters and closings, taxes, marriage and separation situations etc. You have given us good sound advice even in cigarette smoking situations. We cannot thank you enough.

We are well satisfied in all matters and really don’t want you to even think of retiring. I do know there comes a time when assistance can be helpful. Speaking of assistance, Debbie comes to mind. She is wonderful.

Our very best and again, THANK YOU.

John and Therese (Winnetka, IL)


About 20 years ago, my financial advisor introduced me to Sharon Banks for the purpose of estate planning. He understood my comfort level and felt Sharon had the integrity and experience that I would find acceptable. What started out originally as a client/lawyer relationship has evolved through the years as a lasting friendship.

Bob (Glenview, IL)


Sharon has been our lawyer and counselor for over twenty years. Her legal expertise and counseling has been extremely helpful to us!

She has helped us sell two homes, buy one home, move into a retirement community, and counseled us regarding many personal matters.

I wish I could find the words to adequately describe how pleased we are with all that she does for us. Sharon is not only our lawyer, but she has become a great friend.

Doris and Chuck (Schaumburg,IL)


Dear Sharon Banks,

Just a quick note to thank you for your assistance in this matter. During a time of turbulence, you and your staff made this process as easy as possible. For that we thank you!

Tim (Chicago, IL)


Sharon Banks has been my attorney for many, many years….years filled with family crises, illnesses, relocations and the usual human dilemmas requiring expertise….tax and estate planning, strategizing, empathetic support, intimidating paper-pushing, guidance and plain old common sense. Sharon offers all these in abundance. She and her fine helpers are always accessible, able and affordable; three critical qualities so often lacking in lawyerly circles these days. Sharon is much more than my lawyer; she is my dear friend and trusted advisor. Her professionalism and graciousness are widely recognized in the community she serves so well.

Alice (Wilmette, IL)